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DNA My Dog Breed DNA Test

If you are a dog lover, you obviously want to do everything you can for them
so that they can live a long, healthy and happy life with you. DNA My Dog
is a canine test that will help identify mixed breed ancestry.

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DNA My Dog Breed DNA Test

Price: €69
Testing: 1 dog
Timeframe: 2-3 weeks from receipt of samples at our office.

Our dog DNA test will identify the breeds in your mixed-breed dog with a home DNA mouth swab test. The results will enable you to understand the genetic heritage of your dog, their unique traits and predisposition to disease – this test is key to pet wellness which will allow you to maximize your canine’s health. The test starts from just €69 for testing 1 dog with results in 2-3 weeks from the moment we get your samples.

Important Note

As the results are based on the dog’s entire gene pool it will not necessarily reflect the dog’s current appearance. Guessing a mixed-breed’s ancestry can be difficult even for knowledgeable dog observers, because mixed-breeds have much more genetic variation than purebreds. The presence of certain dog breeds in your results does not guarantee that the dog will look like the specific detected breeds, because the genetic contributions from the other breeds present may be more visible.

Our test covers the most prevalent breeds of dogs found in mixed breeds dogs. There are certain breeds of dogs which may not be covered in our test as we will not have this particular dog breed DNA in our database. To view the full list of dog breeds in our database, click here.

It is Easy

The dog breed DNA test can be performed on any mixed breed dog. It is a quick and easy process and can help you understand things about your dog that most people never thought would be possible.

The testing process is so quick and easy thanks to our canine DNA testing kit. It can be done in less than a minute using the sterile mouth swabs provided. All you have to do is gently press and swirl the swab around the inside of your dog’s mouth, flush with the cheek. Once we have your canine sample in our database, we will run it against all the dog breeds we have available to look for matches between your dog’s DNA and the hundreds of breeds we have in our database.

There are no major precautions with this test; just ensure your dog does not eat or drink anything before the test and keep him or her away from any toys, bones, water bowls that have been used by other dogs as this could contaminate the DNA sample.

Note: This test is made for mixed-breed dogs and will not determine whether your dog is purebred.


Results You Can Expect

• Expect a full run down of all of the breeds your dog has inside their DNA. The full breed composition will include different levels, based on the amount of DNA your dog shares with a given breed. Any breed mixes found over 75% is a level 1 mix, and any breed that is 5% or less is considered a level 5.
• You will have a certificate showing the breed mix, key traits, and an official gold stamp of quality (if you wish, you may also send a photo of your dog to include in the certificate).
• Results include a breakdown of what kind of illnesses and health complications are associated with the individual breeds that your dog is genetically made of (certain dog breeds are genetically predisposed to certain diseases). Knowing this information could mean a longer and healthier life by making proactive choices about your dog’s health. Some of the diseases we highlight could be life-threatening and others may be less serious (such as watery eyes and deafness as they get older) – but as a dog owner, don’t you feel you should know?
• Expect a guide showing you exactly what personality traits you should expect from your dog based on their breeds. You will be able to work out the most effective training programme, discover how to best reward them, help them exercise and overall live a happier life.

IBDNA UK DNA My Dog Certificate

The results speak for themselves. If you have been wondering “what type of mixed breed dog do I have” and wish to provide the best for your canine friend, helping your pup live a better life, the answer is here. Get your canine breed DNA test today!

Factors that will influence your dog’s DNA test

Experience indicates that approximately 2.3% of all DNA canine testing will yield results that are inaccurate or cannot be interpreted. Reasons could be:

1. Dogs have extremely high levels of oral bacteria which may result in degeneration of the sample before our DNA extraction process commences.

2. The current thoroughly isolated DNA markers in the available database to date represent the most common breeds found in the North American mixed breed dog population.

Note: Our test covers the most prevalent breeds of dogs found in mixed breeds dogs. There are certain breeds of dogs which may not be covered in our test as we will not have this particular dog breed DNA in our database. To view the full list of dog breeds in our database, click here.

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